Established over 10 years in Hong Kong
Group headquarters located in Hong Kong
Manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China
Manufacturer of high quality and security cards
ISO 9001:2000 accredited
ISO 14001 accredited
Certified vendor of the ICCR
Permission from Ministry of China Industry in IC Card Production
Workforce of over 320 skilled staff
Manufacturer of high volume, value added products
Complete 1-stop in-house design, pre-press & production facilities
Production capacity over 400 million cards/year.


1996. Asia Credit Card Production Ltd. was established in Hong Kong
1996. Established manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China
1999. Expanded Shenzhen facilities to 4,000 square meters
2002. Further expansion of Shenzhen plant to 7,000 square meters
2003. Accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification
2004. Accredited with ISO 14001 certification
2004. Permission from Ministry of China Industry in IC Card Production
2004. Certified vendor of the ICCR
2006. Smart-3D Card Technology Ltd was established in Hong Kong
2006. Smart-3D Card Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. was established in Shenzhen
2006. Planning a new factory in Longgang Science & Technology Park

Asia Credit Card Production Limited organized in 1996, the specialty is engaged in card production, had more than 10 years card experience, was in the system card profession outstanding person. The company total investment cost more than HKD$30,000,000. Constructs five buildings high workshops from the capital, the workshop area over 7,000 square meters, the employee over 320 people, the annual output reaches 400 million cards.
  This company gained the ISO 9001 – 2000 / ISO 14001 qualities systems authentication, the national I C card registration authentication, I C card production permit and many item of products authentication certificate.
  The Asia Credit Card Production Limited is equipped with many advanced entire automatic six colors printer, the high performance smart and contactless card seal production line, the large-scale entire automatic laminator, 3 D dimensional sets up system card machine as well as the instrumentation and the large quantities of systems card equipment. In addition, in the productive area is equipped with the consummation closed 24 hours circuit television monitoring and the fire warning supervisory system, The entire factory is equipped with the security personnel to be responsible for the factory district 24 hours securities work.
  The Asia Credit Card Production Limited accumulates many years experience in technology, In the recent years manufactured many item of special cards. (Aroma card, Three-dimensional card, the colored radium shoots dodges the card, the U V photosensitivity card and the carving card and so on.) This act not only variously develops the new market for the company, unceasingly seeks the new product to the customer also to be a big contribution.
  Today our product type is complete, manufacture craft excellent, can satisfy the different profession, each domain demand. We continuously take excellent in quality as the survival and the competition basis, truly achieve in order to strive for perfection, is precisely in line with such enterprise spirit, we can unceasingly face the internationalization scale development.
  Believed by ours scale and the strength, can truly achieve makes you gratifyingly to satisfy.